WiFi Smart Garage Door Opener with Alexa & Google Home Control


Transform your home into a haven of convenience and security with our cutting-edge WiFi Smart Garage Door Opener, seamlessly integrating with Alexa and Google Home for unparalleled control. This state-of-the-art device transcends traditional garage door openers, offering you the ability to monitor and control access to your garage from anywhere, anytime, using just your smartphone.

Experience the ease of voice-controlled operation with both Alexa Enabled Garage Opener and Google Home Garage Door Opener capabilities. Our IoT Garage Door Opener is designed for the modern, smart home ecosystem, making it a perfect fit for your home automation garage opener needs.

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Smart Garage Door Opener

Brand Name: wofea

Origin: Mainland China

Certification: CE

Model Number: WG-088

Choice: yes

Note before Order, please test compatibility

Please check if your garage controller is compatible with our module.

Take a wire with both ends stripped or a straightened-out paper clip to short-circuit the wall button terminal on the opener (I marked with red color). If the garage door opens or closes, it can work with our smart controller.

Garage door opener controller features:

Wofea WiFi Smart Garage Door Controller and Garage Open Close Monitor Compatible With Alexa Echo , Google Home voice control No Hub Require

REMOTE MONITORING: You can open or close the door by the APP. You can check the garage door open or closed state in real time. You can authorize multiple people to access your garage.

EASY TO USE: Instantly control the garage door by tapping the TUYA or SMART LIFE app on your smartphone. Just connect the smart opener to the 2.4G WiFi network.

VOICE CONTROL: You can activate your garage door opener by placing a voice command to your Alexa or Google Assistant device or driving near the garage door

WIDE COMPATIBILITY: You can only use one controller per garage door opener. Compatible with most general garage door openers.Please check the our list.

TIMER FUNCTION: You can set schedules to open and close your garage door. Quick & easy installation as well without the need of a professional. No Hidden Mon

COUNTDONW FUNCTION: You can set the countdown time to close or open the garage door.

Wofea Garage door opener for your best choose , Just one step to change the Garage to smart

Alarm when door is open for some time


1.The garage door will be activated when added successfully (when the blue LED light stop blinking), so keep your door closed first.

Power up the garage, and the ren light and blue light flash alternatively.

2. Launch “Smart Life” or “Tuay Smart” APP. Tap the icon ‘+’ on the top right corner.

3. Select the “All Devices”, then select the “Wi-Fi Connector” type.

4. Tap “Confirm indicator rapidly blink”

5. Input the correct 2.4G Wi-Fi passwords. Then, tap confirm.

6.It will auto-connect with the device. Once the process is completed,it will prompt you that you can rename the device. Enter a new name and press’Save’.

Smart Wifi Garage Door Opener Controller(Open & Close your Garage by phone)

This Wofea Garage smart controller use to work with Garage opener and make it can be controlled by the phone , easy install and without any changed in your Garage ,  Just one to make the garage smart, and you will have this funtions to open and close the garage door by phone ,by schedules ,by voice (work with alexa & google home) , Query status, query open/close recordsetc.

Smartlife / Tuyasmart APP Control

Availavle in google & IOS


Auto open or close the garage with your schedules or countdown. Automatically detects the status of the garage door more safer without false running.


You can ask the Courier put the package in your Garage with the countdown function , and the Garage door will auto closed after the time , The smart Garage door open/close state detector function will help you ensure the Garage door open/close as your set.

Alarm When Garage door open over time

You can set the Garage door open alarm time , If the Garage open time over your set, You will get the free alarm message form the APP to note you close the Garage door .

Share Device With Your Family

After the family member registering a Tuya account, You can authorize device control to familys by “share device” in the APP

Garage Door Open/Close APP Message push & History

No matter where you are,You will get the APP message push when your Garage door opened/closed, and you can check the Garage door running history.

Support Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to open/close Garage door by voice

You should add this Garage door controller to work with tuyasmart or smartlife APP , and Binding it with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to achieve voice control. We have voice code protection,when you open the Garage door.

Noted, regarding the pin code when you open Garage by alexa , Due to the alexa APP have difference version , some regions may not have the pin code as shown in the video .

*Noted: Some regions may not have the pin code function to open as shown in the video due to the difference alexa version in difference regions.

Easy to install

Just aked you connnect the red & black wire with the same port as your wall switch/consloe .and Install the wired door sensor on your garage door

Wired door sensor mount

Find a proper position on the garage door to mount the sensor(You can use the included double-sided adhesive tapes, screws or brackets
for sensor fixation). Please make sure the distance between the two sensors is less than 20mm when the garage door is closed, and the two sensors are well separated when the garage door is open.

Plug and play No need extra power supply

Available plug type

We can supply this product with EU ,AU ,US,UK type plug

Why are you choose us ?

1. Obtained CE certification

WG-088 Smart Garage controller had met CE ,Certificate No DGE200901001R01 ,If you need the Test report,Declarations of conformity
Technical discriptions , please contact with us

2. User-verified ,Our this product have a large number of users with real feedback

3.User installation display

Product photo show

How to work with Alexa

How to work with Google home

























Additional information


US Plug, EU plug


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