Smart Smoke Detector: Home Fire Protection via Smart Life App

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Enhance your home’s safety with our cutting-edge Smart Smoke Detector, a vital component in modern fire protection technology. Designed for seamless integration with the Smart Life App, this wireless smoke alarm offers real-time fire alerts directly to your smartphone. Our IoT-enabled device is more than just a smoke sensor; it’s an intelligent system that provides comprehensive home fire protection.

The Smart Smoke Detector is equipped with advanced fire safety technology, making it a superior choice for residential smoke alarm systems. Its Wi-Fi connectivity ensures you’re always connected, while the voice-activated alerts offer added convenience. With app-controlled functionality, you can monitor your home’s safety from anywhere, ensuring peace of mind.

As a part of your smart home security ecosystem, this smoke detector goes beyond traditional safety measures. It’s designed to offer emergency smoke notifications promptly, allowing for swift action in case of a fire. The device’s sleek, unobtrusive design fits perfectly in any home, blending with your decor while keeping you protected.

Invest in the Smart Smoke Detector and take a proactive step towards enhanced fire safety technology in your home

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Smart Smoke Detector

Brand Name: other

Model Number: DY-YG400A

Origin: Mainland China

Certification: CE

Certification: FCC

Certification: RoHS

Type: Smoke Detector

Smart home platform: Tuya

Smart home platform: Google Assistant

Choice: yes


• Smart Home Platform – Google Assistant :Connects to your Google Assistant account for easy control and monitoring.


• RoHS Certification :Meets the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) regulations for safe and environmentally friendly products.


• Smart Life App :Monitor and control your smoke detector from anywhere using the Smart Life app on your smartphone.


• Security Protection :Provides reliable security protection for your home with early detection of smoke and fire.


Tips for purchase: This product is Zigbee version, Users must have/already bought a tuya zigbee hub to operate. If without a zigbee hub, then such model will not work.

Tuya ZigBee Smart Smoke Detector Security Protection Smoke Alarm Fire Protection For Home Security System Via Smart Life AppWork for Gateway Hub

Product Features:

85dB Alarm Sound】The smoke detector is built-in 85dB alarm voice, let people respond in time and deal with it quickly.

Remote monitoring】The smoke dynamics can be observed in real time through the mobile APP. No matter how far away you are from home, you can make your home smarter.

High-sensitivity smoke detection】when a fire occurs, the sensor will sensitively detect smoke, send out an alarm bell, and then push the notice to your smart phone to protect people and property. Exclusive smoke intelligent algorithm has high sensitivity, no false alarm and strong anti-interference ability.

【Low Voltage Remind】When the battery level is low, it will automatically remind you to change batteries, never worry about running out of battery.

Wide application】perfect patent structure of full buckle, anti-disassembly bracket and convenient installation and cleaning. Widely used in homes, factories, schools, shops, offices, villas and residential areas needing fire alarm.


Input voltage:3V LR03


Alarm Current:≤100mA

Low power undervoltage:≤2.4V

Alarm Sound Level:85db/1m

Zigbee:Zigbee 3.0

Detecting Range:20m²

Installatiom Method:Ceiling Mounted

Alarm mode: mobile phone app notification push(Smart Life/Tuya Smart)

Product package included:

1XWiFi Smoke Sensor(Not include battery)
1xUser manual

Product Image:

Noted: Zigbee door sensor requires a Zigbee Gateway Hub. (Users should choose a smart life gateway before choose such zigbee version)


The installation location should be in a stable network environment.

For the first time connecting to the internet, try to use a new battery.


This product is all for physical photography, and due to factors such as angle and lighting, there may be slight differences between the photos and the actual product. The products are mainly based on the actual product.

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