Smart Plug EU: 16A/20A WiFi Plug, Voice Control with Alexa & Google Home, Compatible with Tuya Smart Life App


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High-Performance Smart Plug: The Ultimate Control for Your Home Appliances

Key Features:

  1. High Power Capacity: Experience the robustness with 16A (3680W) and 20A (4400W) options. Perfectly suitable for high-power devices like water heaters and air conditioners.
  2. Advanced Connectivity: Equipped with Wifi and Bluetooth dual mode for a lightning-fast network connection, offering speeds twice as fast as standard Wifi-only models.
  3. Real-Time Energy Monitoring: Keep track of your electricity usage with our real-time energy monitoring feature, promoting efficient and conscious energy use.
  4. Voice Control Integration: Seamlessly compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Yandex Alice for hands-free control.
  5. App-Enabled Remote Management: Control your appliances from anywhere, at any time, with our user-friendly app. Perfect for managing your home remotely.
  6. Versatile Timing Functions: Offers Timing, Countdown, and Schedule modes, providing flexibility to meet various daily needs.
  7. Group Control: Simplify your life by grouping multiple smart plugs in the app, allowing you to control all connected devices with a single click.
  8. Family Sharing Fun: Main account holder can easily share control permissions with family members, enabling everyone to enjoy the convenience of a smart home.
  9. Power Failure Memory: Our smart plug remembers its last state even after a power outage, ensuring continuity and convenience.
  10. Safety and Certification: Adheres to stringent safety standards, ensuring a secure and reliable experience for all users.




1. 16A/20A high power


16A,3680W / 20A, 4400W maximum power; 20A support water heaters, air conditioners.


2. Wifi bluetooth dual mode


Connect to the network faster. The connection network speed is 2 times faster than only Wifi single mode.


3. Energy Monitoring


The amount of electric power can be monitored in real-time, which is conducive to control the usage of electricity.


4. Voice control


Works perfectly with Amazon Alexa,Google Home,Yandex Alice.


5. APP remote control


Remote control the plug at anytime, anywhere by your smart phone.


6. Timing/Countdown/Schedule


Three modes of time setting to meet your request.


7. Group Control


Set all of your smart plug in a group on app. Then one-click to turn/off all of your appliances by smartphone.


8. Family Sharing Control Fun


Main account has the exclusive permissions,one click to share the

permissions with the whole family.let the family enjoy the fun of smart



9. Power Failure Memory


The device can be configured in the application to continue performing the state it was in before the power failure.


10. Safety/Certification


CE/ROHS certification. Fireproof shell material/overcharge protection.

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20A 1PCS, 16A 1PCS

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