Smart Kitchen Scale: Bluetooth Connectivity, LED Display, and Multiple Weighing Option

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Revolutionize Your Cooking with the Smart Kitchen Scale – Precision at Your Fingertips!

Discover the future of culinary precision with our Smart Kitchen Scale, designed for both novice cooks and professional chefs. This state-of-the-art scale features seamless Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to sync with your favorite recipes and nutrition tracking apps effortlessly. The sleek LED display promises clear visibility under any kitchen lighting, making measurements easy to read at a glance.

Key Features:

  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Sync with your smartphone or tablet to enhance your cooking experience. Use our dedicated app to access a vast database of recipes, get accurate nutritional information, and save your favorite meal preparations.
  • Versatile Weighing Options: Whether you’re measuring small quantities of spices or larger portions of bulk ingredients, this scale accommodates it all with precision. Switch between various units (grams, ounces, pounds, and more) to suit your recipe needs.
  • Elegant LED Display: The bright and clear LED screen is a perfect blend of function and style, ensuring easy reading of measurements and enhancing the aesthetic of your kitchen.
  • Durable and Portable: Crafted with high-quality materials, our kitchen scale is both durable and lightweight. Its compact design makes it easy to store and an ideal companion for all your culinary adventures.
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Smart kitchen scale

Brand Name: HOTO

Type: Mechanical Scale

Origin: Mainland China

Size: 16.8cm*18.18cm

Rated Load: 3kg

Display Type: LED digital display

Power Supply: 3 AAA batteries

Certification: CE

Capacity: 1g-3000g

Is Smart Device: YES

Model Number: QWCFC001

Weighing Unit: g/ml/oz/lb:oz

Accuracy Range: 0.1g-0.5g

Scenes to be used 1: Cake baking

Scenes to be used 2: Hand brewed coffee

Scenes to be used 3: Homemade cat rice

Scenes to be used 4: Baby food

Scenes to be used 5: Healthy drinks



The button of the kitchen scale product is loose, and the displayed data is beating because the product is extremely sensitive to weight, which is a normal phenomenon. If the buyer minds, please do not buy it.

HOTO Smart Kitchen Scale

Precise Weighing, Record & Share Every Delicacy
0.1g High-Precise Sensor /Hand Drip Assistant/
Record of Delicious Ingredients

Weighing Range of 1-3000g

HOTO Smart Kitchen Scale has developed a new interactive design that combines different functions into one button.

Connect to Mi Home APP. Share instant data on the phone screen.

To meet your needs for freely switching between 4 weight units of g/ml/oz/lb:oz, and flexibly choose between weight and volume units.

* The buyer needs to prepare the 3AAA batteries for use.




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