Portable Air Purifier: Removes Formaldehyde, Sterilizes, and Clears Odors in Home, Car, Office

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Experience Freshness Everywhere with Our Portable Air Purifier

Breathe clean, purified air wherever you go with our cutting-edge Portable Air Purifier. Engineered to perfection, it’s your ideal companion for creating a healthier environment in your home, car, and office.

  • Advanced Formaldehyde Removal: Our purifier isn’t just an ordinary air cleaner. It’s specifically designed to target and neutralize formaldehyde, a common and potentially harmful indoor pollutant, ensuring your air is safe and chemical-free.
  • Sterilizing Power: Embrace the peace of mind that comes with sterilized air. Our purifier works tirelessly to remove airborne bacteria and viruses, making it a perfect choice for families, allergy sufferers, and health-conscious individuals.
  • Odor Elimination: Say goodbye to stubborn odors. Whether it’s cooking smells in your kitchen, pet odors in your living room, or musty scents in your car, our air purifier efficiently eradicates unpleasant aromas, leaving your spaces smelling fresh and inviting.
  • Compact and Eco-Friendly: Designed for convenience and sustainability, this compact air filter fits seamlessly into any space. Its eco-friendly design ensures you’re not only purifying your air but also doing your part for the environment.
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation: Enjoy purified air without disruptive noise. Our silent air purifier operates unobtrusively, making it perfect for use in bedrooms, offices, or any space where peace and quiet are valued.
  • Smart Features for Effortless Use: With intelligent sensors and user-friendly controls, our smart air purifier adapts to your environment, offering hassle-free operation and maximum efficiency in air cleaning.
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Brand Name: MALMI

Air Volume: 50m³/h

Power (W): 5w

Voltage (V): 6V

Origin: Mainland China

Application area: <10㎡

Function: Deodorization

Wind Speed: Standard

Usage Condition: Household

Type: Activated Carbon Air Filter

Application: 10-20m³

Style: Air Purifier

Installation: USB

Power Source: USB

Noise: ≤30dB

Power Supply: USB

Choice: yes



1. Purify black technology, enjoy new air quietly, HEPA high-efficiency filtration and activated carbon double filter, purify indoor air from harmful air substances, and quickly filter air impurity particles that easily cause respiratory problems

2. With efficient formaldehyde removal technology, home decoration is worry-free. Powerful deep air purification, PM2.5, dust all farewell, just like being in a forest oxygen bar, every breath is fresh and quiet

3. The filter element is made of HEPA material, which can effectively remove PM2.5 and formaldehyde, effectively isolate nearly 99.98% of dust in the air and other UVC deep ultraviolet sterilization, and the comprehensive sterilization rate exceeds 99.9%.

4. Built-in UVC deep ultraviolet LED lamp beads, which can effectively kill a variety of harmful substances in the air.



Product Name: Portable Air Purifier

Rated voltage: 5V

Noise: ≤ 30dB

Power: 5W

Particulate matter cadr:60m 3/h

Formaldehyde cadr:45m 3/h

Toluene cadr:40m 3/h

TVOC cadr:40m3/h

Applicable area: 31m3-50m3

Wind speed: 2500 rpm

Net weight: 0.4KG

Material: ABS

Size: 100*100*175mm

Package Included:

1*air purifier

1*HEPA filter (installed inside)

2*Activated carbon filter (installed inside)

1*USB charging cable

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